Bird Exclusion Mesh

Bird Exclusion Mesh

Bird Exclusion Mesh

What is Bird Mesh?

Bird Mesh is often favoured as a durable proofing system where strength is required in areas exposed or susceptible to regular human activity.

Many applications in bird proofing use this bird mesh deterrent as it is more robust than traditional bird netting when deterring pest birds. Our various mesh products are also used for fall arrest barriers, as well as preventing problems with pigeons & seagulls roosting underneath solar panels.

How does Bird Mesh work?

Contego use galvanised and stainless steel bird Mesh deterrents for a variety of proofing applications from basic rain water hopper and gutter protection to the sealing off of large open recess spaces like those found on bridge abutment shelves.

All systems are custom made to suit the individual requirements with the final crafting being carried out on site by our experienced technicians.

Where to use Bird Mesh…

  • Underneath Bridges ✅
  • Canopies ✅
  • Plant Areas ✅

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