Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes

What are Bird Spikes?

Contego Bird Spikes are one of the most effective, robust systems available, designed for areas of heavy infestation. Bird Spikes are an adaptable and easily installed method of preventing perching and roosting birds from landing on almost any surface making this control measure a successful, cost-effective way of deterring birds. Contego Bird Spikes are available from a single row for narrow ledges up to wider multi rows that are more effective for heavy pressure sites and where a deeper protection is required.

How do Bird Spikes work?

Specifically designed for areas of heavy infestation, the angled wires increase the effectiveness of the Contego Bird Spike, making it difficult for pigeons to land and so moving them somewhere else without harming them.

Bird Spikes are normally bonded to the surface material using a strong neutral silicone adhesive to avoid the need to infiltrate the surface. This is of particular use when the surface component cannot be drilled as with leaded surfaces, parapet capping and plastic signs.

Where to use Bird Spikes?

  • Building ledges ✅
  • Roof edges ✅
  • Chimneys ✅
  • Lamposts ✅
  • Signs ✅
  • Parapets ✅
  • Window Sills ✅
  • Eaves ✅

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