Reporting And Auditing

Reporting And Auditing

Reporting And Auditing

We give you evidence.

Producing detailed data-driven analytics of activity and risk, in an easy-to-understand and action format.

Your greatest risk even with a professional pest control company is the breakdown of communications between the service providers, on-site teams, and management. Our auditing and reports can be custom-built to your specific site requirements with trigger alerts set upon specific actions or events. For example, site risk rating moving from Low to Very High with pest activity noted in a customer-facing area.

Reporting with detailed photographic evidence and individual risk ratings ensures you always understand where in your portfolio of sites the risk is. Our assigned actions and recommendations are all risk-rated making it easy to understand at a glance, with a full report back up at a simple click.

Built-in escalations.

Not everyone needs to know about everything, especially at the senior level across a large estate. But when risk levels increase due to on-site findings, escalations are of paramount importance. Being able to quickly alert senior teams, area coaches, department heads, etc ensures risk is reduced quickly working with Contego in a partnership approach.

All our reports are instantly sent to designated contacts on job completion and reports, actions and recommendations are available via your log-in at MyContego.

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