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Pest infestations often lead to damage of products, equipment, and/or premises, however the damage to reputation will likely be more detrimental. Compliance with industry auditing standards, legislation, and codes or practice are vital in protecting businesses. Failure to comply can lead to the temporary closure of the business, and in extreme cases permanent closure.

Industry Audits

As part of audit criteria for the British Retail Consortium (BRC), ARB, TESCO, or M&S, you are required to carry out regular, scheduled pest control auditing.

BRC standards are industry-leading in so much as they specify the requirements that a business needs to meet to be able to produce, pack, store, and distribute safe food and other consumer goods. Under EU food law, retailers and manufacturers have a legal responsibility for the quality and safety of their goods.

How we can help

To help you meet your audit criteria and carry on with business as usual in pest-free premises, our in-house biologists can provide you with practical advice and guidance on pest-proofing, general housekeeping, and eliminating pests. You’ll also receive a full written report for your records.

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