Ballast Netting

Ballast Netting

Ballast Netting

What is Ballast Netting?

Ballast Netting is a cost-effective way to deter Gulls and Crows from picking up and dropping ballast pebbles from height. Ballasted rooftops are growing as a popular building option in schools, hospitals and larger Office blocks. They offer an aesthetically pleasing, cost effective covering for warmer roofs that merges well with a range of architectural styles. Young seagulls practice the smashing of shells to obtain food by picking up ballast & stone and dropping them on to hard surfaces, this is behaviour they copy from parents and can occur all year round. Falling ballast is a clear Health and Safety risk to the public and all who use the buildings and surrounding areas such as car parks and outside space areas on a daily basis

How does Ballast Netting work?

Choosing the correct fixings and netting gauge is critical to ensuring a long lasting, cost effective solution as is installing the system to the roofs without causing any damage. 

Our specialist teams are professionally trained in cutting, joining and tensioning our ballast Nets which means that no trip hazards are created by the installation. Ballast Nets are installed without any mechanical components which means that no fixings are required through the waterproof systems and all roof warranties are protected.

Where to use Ballast Netting…

  • Rooftops ✅
  • Balconies ✅
  • Garden areas ✅

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