Why Choose Contego?

Contego is an award winning pest control company, one of the leaders in pest control innovation and service delivery in the UK. 

A modern approach to pest control delivery is very different and our Risk Reduction model is changing the way pest control is delivered. Your greatest risk even with a professional pest control company is the break down of communication between service provider, on site teams and decision makers.

At Contego delivery is all about being smart and detailed. We are detailed and organised we encourage and engage with our teams and also the client. We look at the whole site, the whole risk profile, we don’t simply put down rodenticides and leave. We will carry out full inspections, advising on proofing, hygiene, environmental risk assessment of the site, looking for burrows and harbourage points. We will make recommendations and use fast-acting poisons and traps to gain control of a pest infestation quickly. Our in-depth monitoring and control measures ensure we keep control.

We provide you with the DATA, the photographs, the recommendations, the actions and the evidence. 

A partnership approach that leads to reduced infestation levels, reduced call out and reduced risk. Working with both national and local companies we are able to provide cost-effective solutions that produce the results you and your business need while delivering the service and standards you deserve.

If you’re looking to change, benchmark or simply a bit of advice don’t hesitate to call us today.