Are you confident your contractor is keeping your up to date with pest issues? If so, are you happy with the way they keep you up to date, is their dashboard and reporting system robust, and easy to use?

Managing multiple sites, 5, 20, or even 500 means you need to be kept abreast of any and all changes in pest risk, and management.

Pests are typically high on the agenda but low on the priority list, we understand that and understand the reasons why, it should be kept in check by the service provider.  

Pest management and control is all about reducing risk. At Contego we have a very unique approach to pest control, we focus on client risk and ensuring the advice we are giving is simple to follow and easy to action.

Detailed data delivered in an easy to understand and action format on our custom dashboard, gives our partners the power to take control of their pest risk.

The greatest risk posed to businesses, even with a professional pest control company, is the break down of communication between your service provider, on site teams and decision makers.

Innovation and pest control are not normally two words that go hand in hand. At Contego innovation is what is driving the company forward. 

A partnership approach is key to the successful implementation of a pest control plan. It is imperative the customer is kept up to date with any changes, and the service provider is carrying out the key works to a high standard.  

Smart Pest Control is widely considered the future of pest control. With its data driven approach and 24 hour reporting it offers unparalleled pest monitoring. Benefits include a reduction in PPM visits, and unnecessary callouts, reducing annual service costs. 

Clients are also moving to a Hybrid in-house and Contego supported service delivery, with Contego academy training for in-house maintenance teams, and only bringing in Contego for escalation sites when trap alerts have triggered with catch.

We are here to support you in finding the right solution for your sites.

We identify, and assign risk. Prepare recommendations that are easy to action, and offer in-house support from specialist proofing teams. All managed seamlessly within MyContego your action management portal. 

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