Bird Wire

Bird Wire

Bird Wire

What is bird wire?

An almost invisible tensioned bird wire system to prevent birds from perching without damaging the aesthetics or construction of the building.

Contego’s bird wire is one of the most discrete and widely used anti-perching systems available in the UK.  It is effective to prevent both pigeons and seagulls from perching on the parapets and ledges of buildings.

Our team of experienced, nationwide technicians are able to provide you with bespoke, professional advice and service to create a bird deterrent solution that works for you and your buildings.

How does bird wire work?

Contego’s bird wire consists of a fine, nylon-coated, spring-tensioned stainless-steel wire supported by stainless steel posts, which are fixed into stonework using nylon anchor rivets.

Contego’s bird wire is a very versatile bird control system and a variety of components and brackets are available, enabling it to be fitted to almost any surface, such as roof ridges and metal cladding, making it a bird deterrent suitable for many applications.

Where to use bird wire…

  • Window sills ✅
  • Brick/stone ledges ✅
  • Parapets ✅
  • Beams ✅
  • Long exposed edges ✅

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