What is Avishock?

Electric Bird Deterrent Avishock is a Low Voltage Bird Scarer device proven not to harm birds.

How does Avishock work?

Avishock is not a bird scarer in the conventional visual or audio sense. Instead, it modifies the behaviour of urban birds by touch, acting as an electric bird deterrent, deterring the birds from roosting, perching, or nesting on ledges with a harmless but disturbing electric shock that acts as a barrier in just the same way electric fencing manages livestock on farms.

When a bird lands on the track a circuit is made thus causing a small electric shock. Tests and now experience have shown that Avishock bird scarers teach birds to avoid the protected surface in the future, therefore presenting a psychological barrier rather than a sometimes unsightly physical barrier.

Avishock bird scarers are proven not to harm birds and provide clients with a new professional bird control option alongside traditional bird net, bird wire, and bird spikes. 

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