Ground Nesting Bird Deterrent

Ground Nesting Bird Deterrent

Ground Nesting Bird Deterrent

If nesting birds have halted your construction or demolition project, it’s time to call in the experts before it starts costing you time and money. 

It’s illegal to kills birds, remove their nests, or destroy their eggs unless you have a licence to do so. 

How we can help 

Contego can put a Bird Nesting Mitigation programme in place so you can get your construction or demolition project underway as soon as possible. We can use deterrents and remove eggs and nests, and we’ll always use humane methods to deter birds from your site. 

Our management programmes include:

Forward planning advice and a plan of works for construction projects 

Advice from ecologists where appropriate 

Advice on the legislation around wildlife management 

Support with licensing applications

The use of deterrent systems such as falconry, acoustic systems, and dogs

Ongoing monitoring

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