Bird Netting

Bird Netting

Bird Netting

What is Bird Netting?

Bird Nets are an effective bird deterrent providing a discreet and impenetrable barrier that protects the premises without harming the birds

Our humane Bird Nets are constructed from heavy duty, non-stretch, stabilised polyethylene and fully protected against the damage that can be caused by UV light.

Where Does Bird Netting Work?

  • Canopies ✅
  • Roofs ✅
  • Rafters ✅
  • Outbuildings ✅
  • Historical Buildings ✅
  • Warehouses ✅

How does Bird Netting work?

Contego’s Bird Netting is one of the most requested control systems and when installed correctly it is a very successful deterrent system thereby ensuring that your buildings and structures are protected against all types of urban bird species, in particular Pigeons and Seagulls.

We can supply our nets in various mesh sizes depending on the type of bird species that we are protecting against. Our teams install our tailor-made Bird Netting systems based on the specification either provided from site plans or a bespoke site survey.

Standard netting sizes include:
19mm Sparrow Netting
50mm Pigeon Netting
75mm Gull Netting

In this video: Your questions answered, bird netting choices.

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