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Pest management and control is all about reducing risk. At Contego  we have a very different approach to pest control, we focus on client risk and ensuring the advice we are giving is simple to follow and action.

We give you detailed data, in an easy to understand and actionable format at your finger tips.

Your greatest risk even with a professional pest control company is the break down of communication between your service provider, on site teams and decision makers.

The risk of not knowing about poor hygiene , doors being left open or worse an escalating pest issue on site in a high risk area such as a kitchen or front of house… It’s all about RISK levels, knowing about it and actioning accordingly.

Consistency and quality across your estate, no matter your location in the UK. Delivered directly by Contego.  

Delivering consistent audited quality with full in house service delivery. Our job management reporting, with photographic evidence, and onsite alerts is acknowledged as the “best in the industry”, Giving you real time insights into our findings. 

  • UK Wide Service Delivery
  • MyContego Action Management Portal
  • Auditing and Technical 
  • Specialist Proofing Teams -Bird and Pest
  • Falconry Response and Wildlife Management

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