Spider Invasion – Why Do Spiders Come into Your Home?

Noticed more spiders around your home lately? Yes, this is the time of year when spiders start heading indoors. The odd one isn’t a problem, but to avoid an infestation, it pays to understand why spiders come into your home.

What Attracts Spiders into Your Home?

So why, come the autumn, do spiders invade your home in droves?

To find shelter

Colder, wetter weather drives them indoors to find warmth and shelter.

To find a mate

This is another big reason why spiders come into your home-it’s mating season in the autumn months. The spiders you see around your home at this time are more likely to be male spiders on the hunt for a female. The females are usually focused on building webs.

To find food

Spiders love to eat moths, flies, and other insects, so if there are any lingering in the corners of your home, they’ll find them. As well as food, water is another reason spiders come into your home. So if you don’t want them hanging around in your bathroom, fix those leaks!

How Do Spiders Get Into Your Home?

To make sure you avoid a spider infestation in your home, you need to know how they get in. Spiders looking for food, shelter, or a mate will wander into your home through any gaps, cracks, or holes in walls, foundations, doors, and windows. Check around your home for any obvious (and not so obvious) entry points and seal them up.

Another ways spiders come into your home is they hitch a ride on something you bring in, or on you. Sorry to all the arachnophobes, but it’s true. It can be tough to stop spiders from getting in, but you can keep your home free of clutter, hoover often, and give items the once over before you bring them into your home.

Where Should I Look for Spiders?

Spiders generally like dark secluded places like lofts, under furniture, crawl spaces, and moisture often draws them to bathrooms. They also love clutter because it gives them plenty of places to hide.

How Can I Stop Spiders from Coming Into My Home?

It’s hard to keep all spiders out of your home, especially during ‘spider season’ in the autumn. If you go online, you’ll find all kinds of supposed spider repellents like conkers and essential oils. Unfortunately, there’s no evidence that these work, and you can end up wasting precious time and letting an infestation get out of hand.

The most effective way to get spiders out of your home and keep them out is calling in professional pest control. Contego’s expert technicians will survey your home, recommend and carry out a treatment that actually works, and give you expert tips on avoiding reinfestation.

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